The Central Bank denied the theft by hackers from their accounts to 2 billion rubles

The Central Bank denied the theft by hackers from their accounts to 2 billion rubles

Moscow. 3 Dec. The first effects of large-scale cyber attacks on the Russian banking system, about the threat which warned on Friday morning, the Federal security service, appeared before it started: repeating information about the hacker attacks on banks since the beginning of the year was adopted for the theft of billions of rubles from the accounts in CBR.

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Yesterday in conversation with journalists of the Deputy chief of the Main Directorate of security and information protection, Bank of Russia Artem Sychev recalled that the cyber fraudsters with the beginning of the year tried to steal customer funds of Russian banks in the amount of 5 billion rubles, of this amount was actually stolen 2 billion. The same data he voiced a month and a half ago, they are contained in the financial stability review.

In the end, CNN reported that hackers stole 2 billion from Borschyov the CBR. “We are fortunate to return the money,” – quoted by CNN the regulator. When the theft occurred, the Central Bank is not specifies, noted the publication.

“Information about the theft of 2 billion rubles with corrcet the Bank of Russia in case of a hacker attack is not true. In the financial stability review, which was presented the night before, it was about the losses incurred by commercial banks and their customers as a result of hacker attacks for all of 2016,” – said the press service of the Bank on Saturday morning.

Earlier Sychev said that the amount of 5 billion rubles includes both legal entities and individuals.

“If you compare it with the volume of payments in Russia, it is only 0.005% of the total volume of payments”, – he noted, adding that “scares the absolute number and frighten the growth rate is much more serious.”

“Attacks on AWS CBD (automated workplace of the Bank customer of Russia) we may not see, but judging by the activity on mailing antivirus tools, we expect that at the end of the year again, the surge of attacks on commercial banks”, – he said in October.