The Central Bank will abandon intermediaries in the calculation of the insurance fees

The Central Bank intends to refuse the services of intermediaries in the calculation of rates third party liability insurance (MTPL) carrier liability (OSHOP) and liability of owners of dangerous objects (OPO). This was announced by the head of insurance market Department, Bank of Russia Igor Zhuk at the conference “Insurance broker — the main link of the insurance market”, the correspondent . According to the Bug, the Central Bank is not satisfied with the quality of their work.

Intermediaries expect rates based on data from the regulator and professional associations, said the head of the Department of the Central Bank. “At CTP, I think we will be OK with the rates that we believe in outsourcing. But in 2018, we assume they already own,” said he, adding that in addition to the CTP, the Central Bank would like yourself find the rates at the carriers ‘ responsibility and liability of owners of dangerous objects.

Zhuk stressed that the consumer must be sure that the rate is fair, and insurers should be encouraged to provide the regulator the most complete data.

The representative of the Central Bank also expressed concern about the availability of insurance to citizens. According to him, residents of 26 regions, including Rostov region and the Krasnodar region, face difficulties in the process of obtaining a policy. “People are written in a queue for acquisition of policies for several days, forced to participate in roll call, put and keep a queue number on hand, as it was in Soviet times,” he complained.

In the opinion of the representative of the Central Bank, CTP became inconvenient for consumers and unprofitable for insurers, “the system of Agency sales working with restrictions”. The solution, according to him, the Central Bank considers the early adoption of the amendments to the law on insurance, in which insurers get the right to offer the customer a car repair, not the insurance payment.

The amendments were developed by the Ministry of Finance and after a long correspondence maintained by the Central Bank. Earlier on 6 December the state Duma Committee on financial market deferred their consideration, explaining that the state Duma did not come the opinion of the government on them. In early November, the Deputy head of insurance market Department, Central Bank Svetlana Nikitina reported that the Central Bank expects the adoption of these amendments until the end of the year.