The opposition party in the state Duma will not support the budget by 2017

“Fair Russia” will not support, “and with high probability, would vote against” the draft budget for 2017-2019, announced the leader spravedlivorossov Sergei Mironov. Wednesday, December 7, the state Duma will consider the second reading of the draft budget, a third reading the main financial document is scheduled for Friday, December 9. According to Mironov, the “United Russia” during the preparation of the budget did not take into account any “semantic” amendment “Fair Russia”. The spravedlivorossov ready to vote for a separate amendment of United Russia, Mironov admitted.

United Russia alone will make the budget and will be solely responsible for it,” — said Vice-speaker of the Duma, the liberal Democrat Igor Lebedev. The liberal democratic party was not satisfied with how the authorities and United Russia have done with their amendments to the draft budget, which members prepared for the second reading.

So, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has introduced an amendment that would allocate in 2017 400 million rubles for the development program of Moscow state University (MSU). Money is needed, MSU in the new elevators previously explained to deputies the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget Andrey Makarov. The Ministry of Finance is ready to allocate for these purposes “at” only 100 million rubles, said at the Committee meeting last Friday, first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko. Makarov told the deputies that the amendment to RUB 100 million for MSU (on the same lifts) also made the first Vice-speaker of the Duma, United Russia Alexander Zhukov. In the end, the Committee supported the amendment with the amount suggested beetles, not Zhirinovsky.

According to Lebedev, the amendment to allocate money to the elevators at MSU “taken into account partially, you can say, in fact, did not consider”. In addition, despite promises by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov to consider the LDPR’s proposals to allocate additional funding Smolensk region (local Governor Alexei Ostrovsky, a member of the liberal democratic party, ) this was not done, gave another example of ignoring the party’s proposals Lebedev.

A member of the Communist party faction Valentin Shurchanov said that “United Russia” has considered the amendment of the leader of the party Gennady Zyuganov, who proposed to allocate 57,3 million rubles on health improvement of children of Donbass in the complex “Snegiri”. But, assured Shurchanov, “there is no doubt” that the Communists will not support the budget. “It is the position of the party leadership,” explained Shurchanov why the Communist party is against the project budget. Zyuganov earlier called the draft budget for 2017-2019 years, “helpless”.

All three opposition factions have not supported the adoption of the draft budget in the first reading on November 18. The interlocutor in “an United Russia” noted that “it is common practice, when the opposition budget did not vote”.