The Russian model of health care on par with the Nigerian

The Russian health care system that focuses not on the outcome of treatment of citizens, and the number of rendered medical services. To such conclusion experts of the international research company The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). In their view, this parameter is similar to Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE and Brazil.

EIU — analytical unit of British media group The Economist Group, which includes the eponymous newspaper. EIU is an economic, political, and socio-demographic forecasts. The company has developed a ranking of countries in terms of quality of life, in which Russia has occupied 72 place out of 80.

Analysts compare the health system in 25 countries with the ideal model, which they call value-oriented. In this model, the state pays for the treatment of the patient, and not for medical services.

This is the first such survey from the EIU. The experts examined how goszatraty for treatment of the patient correlate with the results of therapy. For the study was selected 17 parameters: for example, the availability of medical care to all segments of the population, the General policy of the state in the medical sphere, the system of clinical guidelines, based on which doctors choose suitable treatment and training medical staff.

Russia received the highest score for coverage of medical care. For all other assessment settings medium and low. The minimum score was zero, the maximum is four.

National insurance in Russia does not cover all types of medical care, does not provide the population with all necessary medicines, and the quality of treatment in some cases is poor, indicated in the report. Measures to reduce costs have led to the closure of medical facilities and reduction of the volume of insurance coverage in the framework of MLA, summed up in EIU.

Among the positive aspects, the experts noted the development of the city’s Unified medical information and analytical system which allows you to see the doctor and see the schedule of work of medical institutions online. Several hospitals have moved from paper to electronic medical records IBM Lotus Notes. Also in the EIU drew attention to the launch of the Metropolitan service electronic medical records within the program “Information city”.

According to the survey results of 17 parameters have been grouped into four categories, the success of States in each of which was assessed as low, medium, high and very high.

For each of the four outcome parameters of Russia received the lowest scores. This is due to the fact that the payment of medical services in the country does not depend on the results of the therapy, and the authorities do not analyze how the money is spent on medicine. In addition, the various elements of the health system are poorly connected among themselves.

The only country which has the highest score is Sweden. Followed by UK. Most countries have obtained low and average scores.

The health Ministry did not agree with the findings of the EIU about that situation in public health services deteriorated due to funding cuts. In recent years, the OMS has increased, have informed in a press-Department service. In 2014 it amounted to 1 trillion 174 billion rubles, in 2015 — 1 trillion 414 billion rubles, in 2016 — $ 1 trillion 458 billion rubles In 2017, the Ministry plans to spend 1 trillion 613 billion.

To tie funding for the Russian health care system to the result of treatment it is impossible, says the President of the League of defenders of patients Alexander Saversky. This will lead to fraud: medical facilities will be on the paper successfully “treat” healthy people and get money for it, the expert believes.

There is such a problem now — the clinics and hospitals receive payment for medical services rendered, therefore, attributed to the citizens visit and the procedures which they did not commit and did not receive. In this regard, criteria for the assessment of health should be three: mortality, morbidity and patient satisfaction, concludes Saversky.