Obama acknowledged the role of the errors of the USA in the emergence of ISIS

Speaking on the basis of the U.S. air force MacDill in Florida with a speech on security and terrorism, President Barack Obama said that the United States will not repeat the mistakes that contributed to the growth and strengthening of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Video of Obama’s speech published in the website of the White house.

“We refused to repeat some of the mistakes of the 2003 invasion, which initially contributed to the growth of the organization, which became known as ISIL,” Obama said.

The President noted that his opponents have repeatedly called the withdrawal of troops from Iraq the cause of ISIS. According to Obama, such claims are untenable.

The American President said that the actions of his administration, when ISIS began to fight trained local security forces with the support of the coalition, the group has lost “more than half of its controlled territories.”