Putin called worthless thesis about Europe’s dependence on Russian gas

Moscow. 5 Dec. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the meeting with the workers Eterno, OOO in Chelyabinsk said that Gazprom now supplies Europe with as much gas as has never supplied neither Russia nor the Soviet Union: more than 600 million cubic meters per day. He was not absolutely groundless “the idea” the popular statement that those who buy Russian gas, fall into dependence on Moscow.

“This is absolutely stupid, worthless argument, because it is interdependence,” said the head of state.

Speaking about the project “Nord stream 2”, the President noted that its implementation has the prospects.

“Despite difficulties that lay in the fact that Poland has not given authorization, despite this, all participants in the project remained primarily foreign our partners: German, Austrian firm, a Dutch firm, the French,” he said.

The President stressed that all want to work, therefore he has no doubts that the project will be implemented.

Eterno, OOO – enterprise for the production shtampovannyh a pipe whose founders are Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant and “Rosnano”. Investment in the project at the end of this year will amount to 7.2 billion rubles, 5 billion rubles – funds of “RUSNANO”. The plant’s products – taps to rotate the main pipe, tees for the construction of branches, details for sealing the pipeline and the transition from one diameter to another. Annual capacity – 10 thousand tons.