Thai authorities suspected bi-Bi-si in insult to the new king

Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Wongsuwon promised to take legal action against the local branch of the British broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si (BBC Thai), which, according to the authorities, made an insult to the new monarch, writes the Bangkok Post.

“Anyone who broke the law and did the damage, must be held accountable,” said Wongsuwan, adding that he had instructed law enforcement agencies to start an investigation.

Wongsuwan noted that Thai authorities are monitoring foreign media reporting on the accession of the new king Maha Vachiralongkorn to the throne, checking the accuracy of facts in publications.

According to The Guardian, insults to the king could be made in a new biography of the monarch, published by the BBC Thai in the day of his accession to the throne. According to the newspaper, about ten policemen came to the office bi-Bi-si in Bangkok on Tuesday, but it was closed.

In the penal code of Thailand, there are article 112 Lèse majesté, under which any insult to the reigning monarch or his family members is punishable by imprisonment from three to fifteen years.

Maha Vachiralongkorn (Frame X) was officially proclaimed the new monarch of Thailand on 1 December. He became the tenth king of the Chakri dynasty.

The previous king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) died 13 Oct 2016 on 89-m to year of life. He held the throne since 1946. It is an absolute monarchy changed to constitutional.