The court of auditors Europe called the “fragile results” of EU aid to Ukraine

This is stated in a special report European court of auditors (ECA) “the EU Help Ukraine.” The auditors had to assess the aid effectiveness of the institutions of the European Union to Ukraine.

The report also notes that the results of measures to combat corruption in Ukraine remains to be seen.

The auditors noted that the EU responded quickly to the crisis in 2014, highlighting the package of seven years in the amount of €11.2 billion. However, the report says, it was an emergency decision and the EU allocated funds quickly, without the preliminary coordination strategies for their use. From 2007 to 2015 financial assistance the EU amounted to €1.6 billion in grants, €3.4 billion euros was provided in the form of macro-financial loans.

The auditors suggested to pay more attention to the issues of public Finance management in the dialogue with Ukraine to improve the system and conditions of payment of material assistance to strengthen control over the implementation of assistance and to pay more attention to the effective implementation and sustainability of reforms. In addition, the auditors found it necessary to take action to EU aid for Ukraine in the gas sector was more efficient.