The government has restricted the import of defibrillators and CT scanners

128 products

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed on 30 November a resolution on the extension of the list of foreign medical devices subject to restrictions on public procurement. The document is not yet published, got a copy, the authenticity of which was confirmed by a source in the government. The signing of the decision and told Aliya Samigullina, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, responsible for the development of Russian industry.

From February 2015, Russia has a list of 46 imported medical devices that are subject to restrictions: if to the auction submitted at least two bids from Russian, Armenian, Kazakh and Belarusian companies, foreign products to participate in the auction is not allowed. Now the government decree has extended this list by almost three times — up to 128 items. Restrictions do not apply to imported medical devices sold in the commercial market.

The first version of the document, providing for the expansion of the restrictive list, appeared on the website disclosure of legal information for almost a year and a half ago — August 3, 2015. The project was about 20 medical products are more than the approved version. Including draft version was included condoms, ultrasound and HIV prevention. Of the outcome document of contraceptives was removed.

The final list prepared by the Ministry of industry and trade, got the supplies: bandages, antiseptics, wipes, swabs, masks. The list also included items for personal use in patients, glucose meters, crutches and walkers. Finally, the limitations apply to high-tech equipment and prostheses: defibrillators, some types of scanners, breast silicone implants.

With the adoption, in February 2015 the first restrictive list of medical products on the government website it was noted that this decision “will contribute to the development of domestic production of medical devices”.

Russian industry “for”

The expansion of the list were the Association of Russian medical industry enterprises ROSMEDPROM. 28 November 2016, its Chairman Yury Kalinin wrote a letter to Dvorkovich with a request to speed up the process. “The expansion of the list of articles covered by the restrictions, and it is about 30% of the market, will increase investment in the industry, localization of high-tech foreign technologies, increase of volume of purchased medical products and its accessibility,” pointed Kalinin.

According to the Association, after approval of the first list in February of 2015, the proportion of medical equipment of Russian production in the market grew by 2%, as domestic enterprises began to receive offers from foreign companies on the establishment of joint ventures.

In Association of international manufacturers of medical devices IMEDA expressed the hope that all the items in the expanded list has been carefully calibrated and Russian manufacturers have enough production capacity to meet the needs of the health system. In the relevant departments — the Ministry of industry and trade, Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of health did not respond to a request for comment.