The media learned about plans of the Central Bank on sanitation of Tatfondbank

The Committee of the Central Bank on banking supervision on Wednesday, December 7, will consider the financial restructuring plan of Tatfondbank, according to “Kommersant” with reference to information from multiple sources.

According to the newspaper, the Bank for several days is experiencing difficulties with making payments, and by law, failure to make payments for a period longer than 14 days requires the Central Bank to revoke the license.

The newspaper’s sources had estimated the amount required for the financial rehabilitation of the Bank at RUB 80 billion “hole will be Partially closed due to the credit of the Central Bank, and partly due to the conversion into capital of funds of the largest creditors of the Bank,” he told the newspaper. The Bank placed funds of citizens in excess of 76 billion roubles (on 1 November).

Another source told the publication that a significant contribution is expected to contribute and the controlling shareholder of Bank — the Republic of Tatarstan. It’ll keep in the Bank not more than 25%, and 75% will be received by the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV). In the future, the share of Tatarstan can grow by conversion of the account balances of enterprises under the control of the Republic, the source added.

In the ranking of the portal Tatfondbank was in 43rd place, its assets are estimated at 214 billion rubles.