The state Duma adopted the budget at second reading

The state Duma on Wednesday, December 7, adopted a Federal budget for 2017-2019 in the key second reading. Third, the final, scheduled for 9 December. Between the first and second readings no unexpected happened: as expected, the overall parameters of the budget (income and expenses) is not changed, deputies assigned to 87.5 billion rubles from the reserve Fund of the government for the priority projects, dot reallocated to other expenses.

The draft budget passed its second reading 325 votes for, 57 votes against and one Deputy abstained, reports from Council.

The largest amendment, as already reported, was a two-fold increase of budget loans to regions in 2017-2018, with 100 to 200 billion rubles annually (this amendment was made by the leadership of United Russia). Almost free loans to the Federal center replaces expensive commercial debt of regions. In addition, the government the second reading of distributed 614,6 billion rubles of subsidies to the regions for leveling the budget provision allocated to Crimea and Sevastopol 64.4 billion rubles for the implementation in 2017 of the Federal target program socially-economic development of the Peninsula has distributed a number of other regional subsidies, and a separate amendment allocated Chechnya, Crimea and Sevastopol subsidies worth 40 billion rubles to balance their budgets.

In 2017 the government and the deputies withdrew about 9 billion rubles from the closed part of the budget (classified expenses) in the open: in particular, it was transferred 5 billion rubles from the closed part on the priority project the development of a comfortable urban environment in the regions, and 4,5 billion rubles for preparation and holding of the world festival of youth and students. Earlier it was informed that the government had forgotten to lay at the festival money in the original project budget.