Counterintelligence Germany noticed “aggressive cyber-espionage” on the part of Russia

The German intelligence service recorded a growth of “aggressive cyber-espionage” from Russia, Reuters reports with reference to the statement of the head of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany Hans-Georg Maasen.

“We see the growth of aggressive cyber espionage and other operations [from Russia], which represent a potential threat to members of the government, the Parliament and the democratic parties of Germany,” — said in a statement.

Maassen stressed that the Agency further expects the continuation of such actions, including from a group of hackers of APT 28, also known as the Fancy Bear.

According to Maasen, Russia also plans to use a lot of “propaganda tools” and “huge financial resources” to the German campaign of disinformation to destabilize the country and “to sow uncertainty in society.”

In mid-November Maassen in an interview with Reuters, said about the high probability of Russian intervention in the process of the parliamentary elections in the country. Maassen suggested that before elections can occur stuffing information like the story of “Lisa’s girls”.

In January 2016, “First channel” showed the plot, which focuses on 13-year-old Lisa, who was kidnapped and raped by migrants. Later this information was denied by the police of Berlin.

Earlier, Russia accused of meddling in the election process in the United States. In October, the Ministry of homeland security and the office of the Director of national intelligence, said that Moscow could authorize hacking hackers email the leadership of the Democratic party to influence elections of the President of the United States. Russia, these accusations are categorically rejected.