Kadyrov has denied sending Chechen special forces in Syria

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has denied the information that the servicemen of the Chechen special battalion “Vostok” and “Zapad” will be relocated to Syria. About this he wrote on his page in the network Instagram.

“The domestic media circulate reports about the “sending” Syria “soldiers of the battalions “Vostok”, “Zapad” and “Chechen special forces”. Declare that in the Chechen Republic there are no battalions “East” and “West” — wrote the head of Chechnya.

At the same time, Kadyrov said that if the military stationed in Chechnya, units of the defense Ministry “received orders to serve for the protection of air bases in Syria, then they will be the happiest lot.” The head of Chechnya also admitted that he would be “happy and proud” if he received the order of commander-in-chief to go to Syria “to fight with evil spirits.”

“If terrorists are not destroyed, they will be there, where you least expect them. Therefore, they must be neutralized away from our native home! And we are ready at any moment!” — concluded Kadyrov.

Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to sources in defence Ministry said that the defense Ministry intends to send to Syria spetsnaz battalions “East” and “West”, stationed in Chechnya. The sources claimed that the soldiers of these battalions have already received the red berets and shoulder marks of the military police. According to “Izvestia”, “East” and “West” was to go to Syria to guard the air base Hamim until the end of December.

Prior to that, the source of TV channel “Rain” close to the leadership of the Republic, said that the military, who are serving in Chechnya, sent to Syria to participate in anti-terrorist operations. This information channel also confirmed a relative of one of the contractors.

In February, the TV channel “Russia 1” showed a story about the special forces, trained in Chechnya and the current in the rear of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” in order “to ensure the success of the Russian aircraft on the ground.”

About the training of commandos in the film Kadyrov, whose voice sounds behind the scenes. The head of Chechnya said about the intelligence network in the “Islamic state” sent “the best fighters of the Republic.” According to Kadyrov, in the rear of enemy soldiers collect information on the number of terrorists and the objectives of the bombing.