Moscow re-test the facial recognition system

Moscow authorities in 2017 will launch the second phase of system testing face recognition for city surveillance cameras. This was stated by the head of Department of information technologies Artem Ermolaev. The results of the first phase of the experiment showed that while the to apply such technology is too expensive.

“If you implement existing solutions across the city, it will require a tenfold increase in spending on surveillance. The technology will cost several billion rubles, which is absolutely unacceptable for us”, — said Ermolaev. The Department hopes to reduce the cost of face recognition several times. Accurate valuation officer is not brought.

There are questions not only to price but to the quality of recognition. “Camera urban video surveillance dynamic: they move left and right, closer and removed. In such circumstances, to achieve even recognition 60-70% of the images extremely difficult. The result is a 30% space”, — says Yermolaev.

Moscow will try to solve the problem in two ways. “First, we are looking for technologies that will allow you to achieve better results on moving cameras. Secondly, study the possibility to change parametres of video cameras. They can be made more static. On the one hand, it will narrow the examination, but will allow for a more efficient analysis of the video stream”, — said Ermolaev.

According to him, all techniques are practiced by means of several chambers, and then the indicators, including costs, are modeled on the entire urban system. In tests involving several companies, including Russian. “There are very good solutions, but they are suitable for multiple static cameras near some of the organization and not to scale city surveillance system”, — said the head of the Department.

The facial recognition system can be used to search for criminals and missing people. In Moscow, established 140 thousand cameras, including about 100 thousand on the entrances. Access to video records are law enforcement officers and city officials. Muscovites may request a record if became victims of any incident: carjacking, theft, assault.

Within five days should call the hotline and ask to save video files, get the application number and contact the police. Law enforcement officers are required to provide the record to the applicant or his attorney. To see a “picture” with the city cameras online at a special center at ENEA. According to the Department of information technology, over the past year, cameras have been solved to 1.7 thousand offences, residents filed 8 thousand applications for booking of files.

The Director of the nonprofit organization “Information culture” Ivan begtin considers that the facial recognition system will start working in Moscow in the coming years. Partially this principle is already in force. “When there was a loud incidents, the offenders were caught for a few hours along the chain of cameras,” said Begtin.

Expert Academy of information systems Mikhail Zyuzin sure that the facial recognition system can increase the detection of crimes, especially if it will be installed on the yard and house chambers. However, this is really going to cost billions of RUB in addition, there is no doubt that the city will give sufficiently high-quality image recognition.

“If the system is hacked a third party, then they will get a huge amount of information about the person: where they live where it happens, what routes of travel. This involvement in the private lives of citizens,” says Zyuzin.