Putin has appointed a new head of the Moscow police

Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about appointment of the new chief of the Metropolitan police, said a source close to the leadership of the Ministry of interior, and confirmed the official representative of the Moscow police Alexander Knyazev. Instead of Sergey Solopov appointed Vyacheslav Kozlov, who previously headed the office of public order of Moscow. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that “not yet seen the decree.”

Solopov held his post less than two months. He was appointed in October 2016. All this time Solopov was acting, the official decree of approval in the position he did.

Life called Solopova initiated the arrest of the leader of the French music band Space, Didier Marouani and his lawyer, Igor Trunov. They were taken to the police station on the statement of Philip Kirkorov. According to the lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky, Marouani and Trunov extorted 75 million rubles from the Russian artist for the song “Cruel love”. Version Trunov, the experts in this song found by borrowing from the song Didier Marouani Symphonic Space Dream. Later the detainees were released.

According to Life, then Solopov went to the hospital because it “did not understand the details of the dispute.” A source close to the leadership of the interior Ministry, confirmed that Solopov took sick leave from which to work, he’s not coming back. The resignation of the interior Ministry General source links of scandal Kirkorov and Marouani.

Changes in the leadership of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs began in September. 23rd, the President signed a decree on the resignation of the chief architect Anatoly Yakunin. In this position he was appointed his former Deputy, Oleg Baranov. Yakunin became the head of the operations Department of the interior.

Yakunin has headed the Moscow Department of the interior in June 2012. Earlier this post was held by Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who now occupies the post of Minister of internal Affairs.

After the resignation Yakunin has left his post as the head of the Moscow criminal investigation Department major General Igor Zinoviev. “Resignation Zinoviev was predictable after the chief of a Central Board was appointed Oleg Baranov. Understanding between them, to put it mildly, lame”, — explained the situation the source of “Interfax”.