Teachers complained about the lack of compensation for the conduct of the exam

Payment is not for all

Russian teachers are deprived of monetary compensation, put to them by the law “On education” for carrying out the Unified state examination (use), the most recent poll on the website of the community of mutual help of teachers “teachers ‘ Meeting”. In the survey participated 1099 teachers from all Federal districts. Teachers who participated in the survey on condition of anonymity, state that the nonpayment characteristic of most regions. To speak openly about their problems at questioning teachers do not want repression at the school, told the editor-in-chief of “staff Meeting” Ekaterina Pashkova.

Teachers who are involved in the conduct of the exam are divided into three groups: experts (check the answers of students), technicians (set up video surveillance and computers) and the organizers (on duty at school during exam). But the reward, the questionnaire goes only to the experts — sometimes monetary, sometimes in the form of additional vacation days. According to which entered into force in 2013, the law “On education” participating in the exam teachers based on monetary compensation. The amount of the payments to each group of specialists of the regions to decide.

Unpaid recorded and in the trade Union “Teacher”, who at the beginning of 2016 analyzed 68 regional provisions on the exam dealing with the rules of payment of work of teachers. In many provisions, as found by the unionists, not specified compensation to I. T. guys and organizers.

Numerous complaints of non-payment, told the participants of the survey, principals essentially did not answer or stated that the conduct of the exam is the duty of teachers that does not involve remuneration. School Directors agreed with the Federal service for supervision in education (Rosobrnadzor): the question about the lack of compensation they stated that the final assessment is “an integral part of the educational process”.

Without water and toilet

In addition to nonpayment for the conduct of the exam, the teachers mainly complain long and unpaid the way to school, the ban on snacks and going to the toilet. In addition, teachers, according to them, are constantly fine — often due to the fact that they did not notice the phones in children. “There is no way out, no power at all, hard to get water,” — says the teacher of the Stavropol territory, whose words are confirmed by dozens of respondents.

There are only a few occasions when teachers openly resented the non-payment for the conduct of the exam. In Samara teacher Petr Gorbunov this fall has addressed in Lenin regional court, having demanded from the regional Ministry of education 9264 rubles: the amount owed to him has been calculated by multiplying hourly rates by the number of hours spent on the examinations. In October 2016, the court found that Humpbacks to claim compensation can not. The press officer Minobrnauki Samara region Natalia Ananyina stated that over the past two years of claims from teachers to officials was received.

Krasnoyarsk science teacher Michael Tilicheev during the work of techspecialist never received compensation. This summer a teacher was sent to the Ministry of education and science inquiry in which asked to be included in the regional regulations on the conduct of the exam item that requires to pay compensation for the exam not only experts, but also the I. T. guys and organizers. Federal officials forwarded questions to his provincial colleagues, they said to him that to make changes in the regional situation is impractical (the response has). Tilicheev continued correspondence with officials and prepares documents in court.

The money issue

To calculate how much local and Federal authorities owed teachers for the conduct of the exam, it is practically impossible, because in each region where there is a provision for conducting a single exam, set your amount of compensation and the procedure for their payments, said Secretary of the trade Union “Teacher” Olga Miryasova. Lipetsk oblast, said Mirasova is one of the few that pays for all categories of teachers. According to the decision of administration of the Lipetsk region (at the disposal), regional experts expected 134,7 RUB/h, and the I. T. guys and to the organizers — 27.8 RUB/h In Moscow, as the capital provisions for the conduct of the exam, the expert receives 400 RUB/h, organizer 300, techspecialist — 200.

In the course of the survey of teachers revealed that on average they work during the exam for more than 7 hours a day. Thus in some regions only pay for the first five hours of work, others for the first six.

In Buryatia, according to the sheet of accounting of working time of Republican control of education (has), teachers had to pay in the amount of RUB 187 in one hour. For payments to teachers for the conduct of the exam the government of Buryatia allocated this year to 1.1 million rubles, but the teacher has not received the money, despite the presence of contracts and signed acts of the performed works, said the Deputy of people’s Khural Oksana Boholana. Ministry of education and science of Buryatia did not respond to a request .

The Ministry of education on the issue of compensation for the conduct of the exam was advised to go to the Rosobrnadzor. In Rosobrnadzor the size of the budget, which the Russian government has allocated in 2015-2016 to compensate the teachers failed. In a press-service of the Ministry reported that information about the money to compensate for the feature regions. Not reported and about which regions of the teachers complain of non-payment and working conditions. In the all-Russian trade Union of education also failed to promptly respond to the request .

No mass protest by the teachers to create a centralized system of payment of compensation for the conduct of the exam is not possible, the head of the legal program of the Center for social and labor rights Sergey Saurin. Saurin believes that all-Russian trade Union of education, this topic is not interested, and the trade Union “Teacher” is not strong enough to solve the problem of the Federal scale. According to Saurina, teachers are unable to make a complaint to the Ministry of education, as the issue of compensation in the competence of local authorities, who ignore the requirements of teachers.