The defense Ministry denied the information of mass media on the causes of the crash of the su-33

Any preliminary conclusions on causes of accident of the su-33 when landing on the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” does not yet exist, said the Ministry of defence.

“Information of the newspaper “Kommersant” about the allegedly “preliminary” findings of the Commission on investigation of causes of the crash of the su-33 is absolutely untrue. The Commission continues the meticulous work and any preliminary findings until their investigation was done. For information on the progress of the work of the Commission, the author of the material to the “official representative of the Russian defense Ministry” not applied” — quoted by TASS message of the Ministry of defense.

Earlier Thursday, 8 December, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing two sources have written about the provisional conclusions of the Commission of the Ministry of defense is investigating the accident. According to interlocutors of the edition, the cable braking system was broken due to a deflection axis of the landing of the fighter, which is almost half a meter exceeds the maximum permissible value (4.7 m instead of 4.2 m). This version of cable break due to marriage was rejected at the factory — proletarian plant, part of United shipbuilding Corporation. Their representative said that the cables installed on the “Admiral Kuznetsov”, passed the whole complete cycle of tests, including gap.

“Judging by the parameters of the aircraft at the moment of landing, even a fully intact rope the load would not have survived — there are pilot’s error,” the newspaper quoted a source close to the investigation.