The deputies proposed to mitigate the “law of sadists”

Meet the defenders

The state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption seriously reworked for the second reading of a government bill governing the use of physical force, special means and firearms by prison staff to prisoners. It follows from table amendments to the second reading that was read .

Deputies tried to consider most of the comments of defenders, which they expressed after the introduction of the document in may of last year, said the first Deputy head of the Committee, Ernest Valeyev (“United Russia”). “We ruled out the possibility of the use of force or special means in violation of the detention regime. This is the most serious and the main edit” — said Valeev. This is the norm of the initial version of the bill has caused the most criticism of human rights defenders, reminded the MP.

The bill introduced by the government and adopted in October 2015 in the first reading, has doubled the number of grounds for the application of physical force, special means and weapons by convicts or prisoners. The draft human rights activists dubbed the “sadistic act” and called for them to soften.

Medicaid and illegal orders

Another amendment to the second reading provides for “immediate provision” of medical care after injury, the use of physical force or coercion against convicted persons.

The use of physical force against the convict, as well as “special means and firearms, subject to availability, fixed portable DVR or other regular audiovisual fixation”.

Valeev explained that while working on the law, some deputies proposed to allow the use of force and special means only if the screws have a DVR. But the novel did not support, saying it risks to employees FSIN, when the use of force is justified, no DVR, explained the decision of the shaft.

Deputies also prescribed in the amendments that physical force may be used “in exceptional cases, when non-coercive methods are insufficient and/or exhausted.” Stun allows the bill to apply only “if the use of special sticks is impossible.” Tasers are not allowed in the head, solar plexus, genitals and heart.

In addition, the amendment contains a provision prohibiting the execution of obviously illegal orders and instructions on the use of physical force, special means and weapons.

The draft law was supplemented by a provision stating that an employee of the Federal penitentiary service is not responsible for damage caused in the application of physical force, special means and firearms only if their use was recognized as lawful. This was told to journalists the head of the security Committee Vasily Piskarev.

The second reading of the bill must be adopted by 14 December, said the Deputy Valeev. The Duma plans to pass a law before the end of the year.