Worked with Gazprom adviser to trump arrived in Moscow

The founder of investment consultancy firm Global Energy Capital Map Carter Paige, who was named Advisor of the elected President, Donald trump for foreign Affairs and Russia, arrived in Moscow Thursday, 8 November, reports RIA Novosti.

“I will meet with influential business and thought leaders,” he told the Agency.

The media drew attention to the page once in March 2016 in an interview with The Washington Post Donald trump named him the numbers of five of his advisers on foreign policy. Trump at the time was not yet a candidate, in the primaries he fought for the right to get the nomination from the Republican party.

Then Paige, with numerous business contacts in Russia, said in an interview with Bloomberg that anti-Russian sanctions led to the collapse of potential deals, as well as to decrease the value of the shares of Gazprom, the holder of which he is.

7 July 2016 Paige spoke in Moscow, a lecture on “Evolution of the international economy: trends and potential” at the invitation of the Russian economic school. This visit aroused great interest of journalists, which after the lecture, peppered him with questions about the possibility of lifting sanctions against Russia in case of victory trump. However, Paige said that is not a Republican, and came to Moscow as a private person. In connection with the rumors about his contacts with Russian politicians visit page said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He said that he knew nothing about the meetings of Finance with representatives of the administration.

Himself Paige then left without comment the question about his meetings with Russian politicians.

At the request of political opponents of trump US intelligence agencies began checking possible links of the page with the power structures of Russia.

After trump won the nomination and officially became the Republican candidate, in his campaign headquarters said that Paige is not running the team’s trump. “He [Paige] is definitely not part of the campaign that I run,” — said the head of the headquarters of Kellyann Conway. “I never talked, he never admitted to our briefings on national security or foreign policy, at least since I became the Manager of the campaign,” she explained then.

Paige worked for a long time in Russia, he is the founder of investment Advisory campaign Global Energy Capita, which specializiruetsya in the energy sector. On the company’s website States that Paige spent three years in Moscow, where he was responsible for opening the office of Merrill Lynch and was an Advisor on key transactions with Gazprom, RAO UES and other companies. He is a graduate of the naval Academy, the U.S., and holds an MBA from the stern School of business at new York University and is a chartered financial analyst, said on the company’s website.

In their publications in peer-reviewed journal Global Policy, Paige criticized the current American politicians for a commitment to the stereotypes of the cold war. According to him, his direct experience with Russian companies will give Trump the opportunity to obtain a more practical analysis than can offer “people from afar, comfortably ensconced in their Washington think tanks”.