Hillary Clinton spoke out against the “epidemic of false news”

Hillary Clinton, speaking in Congress, called to deal with false and misleading news, The Washington Post reports. According to her, “the epidemic of malicious false news and false propaganda that flooded social media”, poses a threat to American national politics and for citizens.

According to the newspaper, this statement can be related to the attack on the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington, when it with an automatic rifle burst into the unknown, which, according to the investigation, intended to “investigate” appeared on the Internet rumors that Clinton was the head of a criminal campaign on sexual exploitation of children.

“It is now clear that the so-called false news can have consequences in the real world. This applies not policy or partisanship. In danger of life, the lives of ordinary people who are just trying to live as before, to do their work, to contribute to their community,” Clinton said.

Former Secretary of state supported the adoption of the Federal bill that could affect the problem of “false news”. What kind of bill it is, she did not specify, however, draws the attention of The Washington Post, approved by the Senate and house of representatives the draft law on the policy of the Pentagon there is a provision on the establishment of the Commission in the state Department for the fight against foreign propaganda.

“It (the false news. —) the danger, which we must work, and work fast. A bipartisan bill currently in Congress aims to strengthen the government’s response to the foreign propaganda. And Silicon valley is also beginning to deal with the problem and the threat of false news. It is very important that leaders in the private and public sectors acted to protect our democracy and innocent lives,” said Clinton.

According to the newspaper, a week before the election, social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter were flooded with articles that looked like the real thing, but either “had slim connection with reality” or were “completely unfounded”. As the WP emphasizes, “some independent investigators have determined that part of the false news was founded by Russian and other Eastern European sites.”