Moscow will spend on the Alabyano-Baltiysky tunnel more than 400 million rubles.

For the improvement of the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel in Moscow will spend more than 437 million rubles, told in a press-service of the Department of construction. In 2017, the city authorities intend to complete work on the underground railway.

Funds were budgeted last year. In 2015 to complete the construction and launch of the movement was allocated 5 billion rubles, said the Agency. In 2016, it spent 600 million rubles. “Completed work on utilities and pedestrian crossings, is the improvement of the territory”, — said in a written response to the press-service.

Halabyan-Baltic tunnel — the six-lane tunnel length of 3 km, laid at a depth of 25 m. the Road passes under Leningrad and Volokolamsk tunnels, Zamoskvoretskaya line subway and an underground river that flows in the collector. The construction of the tunnel began in 2007 in the framework of the project “Big Leningradka” — reconstruction of the Leningrad prospectus and the highway. Initially the tunnel was to enter the Fourth ring, but in 2011 the city authorities have abandoned the project and CTK announced that the underground line will be part of the future North-West Expressway.

The tunnel promised to open in 2009, but the deadline was postponed several times. In the summer of 2009 flooded the construction site on Baltic street, in 2011, the tunnel collapsed part of the wall. Autumn 2013 was opened to traffic on half of the tunnel from the street Halabyan to Large Academic, the year the tunnel was flooded. In 2014, construction contractor, NGO “Cosmos” was declared bankrupt, the object was constructed, JSC “Mosinzhproekt”. In the summer of 2015 Tagansky court of Moscow arrested in absentia of the President of the NGO “Cosmos” Andrei Chernyakov on charges of embezzlement of credit funds, issued by the Bank of Moscow for the construction of the tunnel.

Completely movement on the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel started Dec 25, 2015. The Deputy mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin said that the cost of the project amounted to 54 billion roubles, and taking into account the construction of the Leningrad and Volokolamsk tunnels — 70 billion rubles According to the official, this is the most expensive long-term project in Moscow. In 2016 above the tunnel was built two-storey underground Parking for almost 550 cars equipped with freight elevators. Entries are organized with Baltic street. Parking is expected to open in 2017.

Associate Professor of the Department of bridges, tunnels and transport structures of the Moscow automobile and road Institute Sergey Zege considers that construction work on the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel is unlikely to ever cease. “In the process of operation can be detected blemishes, which will require new spending. Can you change the soil, water levels,” — said the expert.