The former investigator was sentenced to 6.5 years for participation in the OCG

Presnensky court of Moscow ruled on Thursday, December 8, the verdict against the former Deputy head of the Investigative Committee of the procuracy of North Ossetia Arcadia Gabulova. He was found guilty of participation in an organised criminal group (part 2 of article 210 of the criminal code) Aslan Gagieva and received six and a half years in a General regime colony.

Gang Gagieva, according to the TFR involved in the killing of about sixty people, including senior officials and security forces. The criminal group started its activities in 2004. The number of groups was more than 45 people, many of them already sentenced to prison terms.

Prosecutors in court have noted that Gabulov passed through intermediaries to law enforcement officials a large sum of money. In return he received information about the investigation against the gang members. Gabulov also “revenge” with the help of bribes tried to replace him as Deputy Minister and Minister of internal Affairs of North Ossetia.

The defendant during the hearing claimed that he was only following orders Gagieva. “Speech about vengeance against anyone was not”, — he noted. A former investigator has concluded a cooperation agreement and helped the investigators, in connection with which he was acquitted of charges in bribery in especially large size. The court considered the case Gagieva in a particular order in a single day.

“More than two years [while the investigation was conducted] no motive of revenge, where he is now? For him this term. And the motive is completely unsubstantiated,” — said in a conversation with counsel Gabulova Evgenia Klimova. The defense intends to appeal the decision in Moscow city court.

In March 2012, the North-Caucasian district military court sentenced Gagiev to life imprisonment. In mid-January 2015 he was detained in Austria for 40 days. Having considered the request for extradition, the court decided to send the leader of the gang in Russia, but a higher court reversed that decision, from Russia demanded additional security guarantees for Gagieva.

On 24 February the Vienna regional court on the security in 100 thousand Gagieva released from prison. On 22 November the Austrian authorities for the third time granted the request of the Prosecutor General on the results of Russia Gagieva and restored him the Deposit. Gagiev refused voluntary extradition and appealed.