The Kremlin has called “the worst result of the” weakening of the arms embargo to Syria

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called on to understand the details of the decision of President Barack Obama’s lifting of restrictions on the supply of arms to Syria to combat terrorism, and called “the worst result” of this decision that the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists, reports .

According to Peskov, it is necessary to refer to the Memorandum Obama’s lifting of restrictions very carefully, “understand the intention”, as well as to understand the details and purpose of the document.

“Of course, the worst possible outcome of this decision would be getting into the hands of terrorists different types of weapons, including MANPADS”, — said Peskov. According to him, it is “at odds with international conventions” and “poses a serious threat.”

According to him, it may threaten to the Russian military. Peskov said that, despite “certain protections”, technology and precautions, followed by Russian pilots, “the risk is very high.”

Earlier, the press service of the White house published a document by which to ensure the national interests of the United States in combating terrorism, US President Barack Obama eased restrictions on arms sales to Syria. Weapons and military equipment destined for foreign forces, irregular forces, groups or individuals supporting or participating in the antiterrorist operation of the USA in Syria.

American law prohibits deliveries of weapons to Syria because of the country’s inclusion in the list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1979.