Trump decided to become a producer of a reality TV show on television

As reported by CNN, citing sources at NBC, trump will work in the TV show Celebrity Apprentice, during which different stars are raising money for charity. For several years, the billionaire was leading the program, now it will work as a producer.

Leading the new season will be the former Governor of California, a member of the Republican party, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pritchett in the credits the name of trump will appear before the name of a famous actor.

The company NBC officially did not confirm the information on parallel operation of trump and his possible salary.

In 2015, the show’s Creator Mike Burnett tried to distance himself from trump, criticizing his tough statements against migrants, however, The New York Times pointed out that since they managed to talk, and Burnett is now considered to be the possible writer of the inauguration of the new President of the United States.