Naina Yeltsin said Nikita Mikhalkov criticism of the Yeltsin centre

The widow of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Naina Yeltsin commented on the statements of Nicene Director Mikhalkov, who accused the Yeltsin centre “the destruction of the national identity of the children.”

“I am deeply shocked by these statements Mikhalkov,” – said in a statement, Yeltsin, published on the website of the centre. “And not only because they are false, have no relation neither to Yeltsin center, or to its activities. What is striking is that he for the past few months spreading lies about how the history of the country in the Museum of the first President of Russia did not hesitate to pull out of context the elements of the exposition, label it, and directly to insult people who in those years worked for the good of our country”, – says Yeltsin.

At the same time, she said, Mikhalkov never was in the Yeltsin centre. “It’s in my head. How can you criticize something that is not seen?!”, – said Yeltsin.

At the same time, she notices that he saw the Museum and “passed over him several times.” “There’s no varnishing of the era, there is generally no ratings – only documents, only the facts, only the testimony of witnesses,” emphasizes Yeltsin.

In addition, she said, Yeltsin was Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “Unlike Mikhalkov, they were in the Yeltsin center, passed through its rooms, in their speeches at the opening praised as the very Center and its creators. I think that the leaders of the country are not less concerned about Mikhalkov worthy upbringing of the younger generation,” – said Elitsina.

On the eve Mikhalkov, speaking at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council, said that in the Yeltsin center, “daily injections of destruction of national consciousness of children.” The Director called to adjust the program to show a different point of view on the story.

Last Friday, the criticism Mikhalkov said, the press service of the centre. “This kind of criticism fit for the famous tradition: “I have not read Pasternak, but I condemn” — said in a statement.