Turkey sent a Pro-Russian military posts in NATO

According to the newspaper Times, a group of Turkish officers had written a letter to the commander of the ground forces of NATO General Curtis Scaparrotti. In it they reported that in recent years in the Turkish army and state institutions has intensified anti-Western sentiment.

“Concerned about the fact that some of the new representatives of Turkey to NATO is not only skeptical of the necessity of the Alliance, but also hate Western organizations, as supporters of Russia, China and Iran.

The authors of the message also lamented the problems in the Pro-Western officers who removed its office.

According to the newspaper, at least two Turkish officers, who worked in the Embassy in London, was recalled to Ankara after coup attempt in July. Both tried to get in the UK, political asylum, fearing arrest after returning home. Thus the interlocutor of the newspaper said that eventually happened to these officers. The Turkish Embassy promised Times to clarify the situation, but in the end did not.

Turkey is a NATO member since 1952. The army of this country is one of the largest among all Alliance members, second in size only to the us.