British defense Minister refused to consider Russia as a partner of the West

In an interview with “Bi-bi-si”, quoted by Reuters, Fallon said he was ready to work together with Jim Mattis, who can become the new head of the Pentagon. However the British Minister has underlined that does not consider it possible to accept Russia as an equal partner of the West.

“Together with Mattis we can resist the aggression of Russia to contribute to de-escalation of relations with Moscow, to seek resolution of the situation in Syria. “But we can’t perceive Russia as an equal partner. Russia is a strategic partner of the West, and we should understand it, – said the Minister.

The statement of Fallon explains recent reports that the US President-elect Donald trump appoints in his administration people who will contribute to the improvement of relations with Russia. Speech in particular goes about the candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson. As head of ExxonMobil, he was awarded the Russian order of Friendship of peoples.

As for Mattis, the experienced General, nicknamed “Mad dog” known for his tough stance against Iran. For a time he headed the Central command of the armed forces, responsible for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.