McFaul suggested to be journalists RT and Sputnik foreign agents

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has called for an extensive investigation of interference in the company by choice of the President of the United States of other “stakeholders”, noting first and foremost Russia.

In addition, in his column in the Washington Post, McFaul invited to decide whether or not to accredit Russian TV channel RT and Sputnik Agency as foreign agents.

“We know that Russian government-controlled media such as RT and Sputnik, openly campaigned for one candidate — Donald trump. Sputnik even used the Twitter hashtag #CrookedHillary. Our laws do not allow foreign governments to financially support candidates. Should we introduce a similar regulation with respect support in “natural” form? Such regulation seems to be at odds with the first amendment, but shouldn’t our legislators to fight this problem? Should the employee Sputnik and RT to be accredited as journalists or as foreign agents under the law on the registration of foreign agents? I don’t know. But we need to know”, — he wrote.