Trump called relations with Russia the advantage of the candidate for the head of the state Department

In an interview with Fox News channel, which will air on Sunday, December 11 US President-elect Donald trump said that the Chairman of the Board of Directors and head of the oil company ExxonMobil Rex has extensive experience worldwide, including in Russia.

“He’s a world class player. “The big advantage is that he knows many players and he knows them well. He makes a huge deal in Russia. He makes a huge deal for the company — not for themselves.”

Earlier, several media, including The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, Tillerson was named the main candidate for the post of head of the state Department. According to sources close to trump, the head of ExxonMobil was able to circumvent the presidential candidates 2012 MITT Romney, who was considered the unofficial favorite in the fight for the post of head of American diplomacy.

According to Bloomberg, Saturday, December 10, trump met with Tillerson and talked with him for two hours.

Tillerson has ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the appointment, says the Agency, can make a useful link between the Russian leader and trump, who has repeatedly said he intends to seek cooperation with Moscow.

The President-elect himself said nothing about the plans for the appointment of Tillerson head of the state Department.

A fragment of an interview published on the broadcaster page in Facebook.