Bastrykin called for tougher penalties for damage to the defence of the state

Russia’s investigative Committee advocates for tougher criminal penalties for damage to the defense and security of the state and proposes the addition of a separate article of the criminal code to the relevant qualifying sign. About it in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the head of the Agency Alexander Bastrykin.

The Chairman of the TFR explained that we are talking about crimes connected with theft and corruption in the procurement of goods and services for state needs, including in the sphere of state defence order and military-industrial complex.

As noted Bastrykin, the majority of persons accused of corruption in this field, explain their actions to the extreme necessity, including the forced replacement works, which was stipulated in the contract.

According to the head of the TFR, this approach to organize the execution of the state order is not in the interests of society and the state. Therefore, the Agency proposes to add a corresponding Federal law, for example On defence, the note, which will identify the criteria under which the state order is considered executed properly, and any deviation from the scope and types of works under the contract are only allowed subject to the procedure prescribed by law.

Bastrykin expressed the hope that implementation of the proposals of the Investigative Committee in practice will allow to restore order in this sphere, stressing that currently, being “in the difficult economic conditions and budget deficit” the authorities are looking for ways to strengthen the defense of the country and major industries.

“And some cling to the feeder traitors, in the apt words of the remarkable Russian writer Saltykov-Shchedrin “convinced that Russia is a cake, to which you can freely come and eat”, stolen a huge amount,” — said the head of the TFR.

“The investigative Committee is not going to put up with this situation”, — said Bastrykin.

Last week, TFR reported on progress over the year on anti-corruption. It was reported that in 2016 upon review 29 thousand reports of corruption crimes, the Agency filed 19 513 criminal cases. From the report was that among all the cases submitted to the court, was dominated by news about giving and receiving bribes, fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement and abuse of power.

The Agency stressed that in the first nine months of the year 2016 for crimes of corruption in the court were cases against 427 persons with a special legal status, in particular 130 deputies, 116 heads of municipalities and 27 employees of the internal organs. In addition, the TFR was in the business of “hundreds of officials of various ranks across the country, including an extremely high level”, noted in the final report of the Department.