Ex-employees of the “Fair Russia” has complained of unpaid wages

Millions of debt

The management “Fair Russia” is still not paid off debts before employees of the divisions of Centers of protection of citizens ‘ rights (hereafter Centers) across the country, said several of their workers from several regions. Former employees of the Centres established by the party, written on Monday, December 12, a group complaint to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to check the manual spravorossov on compliance with the labour and election laws. At the time of termination, employees are not paid a salary for September, and in some regions (including in Moscow) and for August.

According to Aleksey Petrov, who collaborated with the Center on the Kamchatka Peninsula, he had not received money for working days in September, although worked up to a single day of voting in the middle of the month. Along with other staff, do not wait for payments, Petrov turned to the party leader Sergei Mironov and the head of the Central office spravorossov Tatarinzeva. The staff asked the authorities as soon as possible to discuss a solution. However, the complaint was ignored, says Petrov.

The history of debt confirms Konstantin Edelev, former editor of the Central headquarters of “Fair Russia”. He wrote a request Mironov through the personal site of the head of the party. “He even said to me, promised that the debt will be repaid, but this still has not happened,” said Edelev (complaint and answer have). After ignoring the letters he along with a hundred disgruntled employees of the Centres have created a closed group in Facebook “CSPG decides?”, where tried to get specifics on repayment of debts.

Petrov said that, according to their calculations, we are talking about the total debt on wages to employees of the Centers about 50 million rubles. According to him, the Centres established in most regions and large cities of Russia, employed about 1,350 people. “The average salary is about 50 thousand rubles [per month]. The total amount of debt, according to our data, about 50 million rubles.”, — calculated Petrov. His words were confirmed by Edelev.

As told by Alisa Vasilyeva from Rostov-on-don, who was in the center of the spravorossov the position of speaker, with her husband in September owe 40 thousand. “First, we promised to repay the debts up to October 1, and then until 15 October, then December 1, now promise, until 31 December,” — she laments. Vasiliev and his colleagues wrote in the online collective reception Mironov complaint from all employees of the office, but a clear answer on the timing of debt repayment is not received (the response body is available).

Vasiliev worked without an employment contract and received the money in the envelope, a receipt, she said . Registration of legally confirmed by the Edelev with Petrov. “We were hoping that impact the credibility of the parliamentary party”, — explained the Edelev its cooperation with the a just Russia without concluding an employment contract.

Information about debts to employees appeared in Murmansk media. Regional edition of the “Severest” with reference to the ex-employee of the regional Centre of protection of citizens ‘ rights Maxim Letvinenko reported that “the first days [the chiefs] were fed [employees] with promises of imminent payment of money, and then began the taunts, sarcasm and the realization that the money for the work in September, no one will get”. Officers in the region complained to the Prosecutor’s office and the labour Inspectorate, and also prepared a lawsuit.

Another of the Murmansk edition of “Bi-Port” — quoted an employee of the local branch of the Center, which also complained of problems with payments after the election: “When it became clear that the party has a low rating, the situation has deteriorated.”

The appeal to the Prosecutor General

After futile attempts to resolve the problem from the management “Fair Russia” the former employees wrote on Monday, December 12, collective letter to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika (the appeal is).

“Employer political party “Fair Russia” has not fulfilled and does not fulfill its obligations of the employer. Today we know of more than a thousand of our colleagues whose rights have been violated or can be violated by the actions of the leadership of the political party “Fair Russia” and its human rights center,” — said in a statement. The Complainants are demanding payment of salaries and the Prosecutor’s investigation on the compliance of the labour party and electoral legislation.

In “Fair Russia” confirm arrears to the employees of the Centers. Also in the party know about the treatment of former employees to the Prosecutor General. “There is a debt. And we know about the upcoming treatment. And we are doing our best to extinguish it before the New year,” — said the first Deputy head of the faction Alexander Burkov. It is confirmed that the amount of debt is 50 million rubles: “the Amount is obviously less, but you need to look at the regions. The problem is that because of the actions of the party in power not all the money that we had hoped to obtain from sponsors, we got.”

The Deputy head of fraction spravorossov Oleg Shein confirmed the existence of arrears of wages: “This is due to a reduction in the total amount of state funding of parties. Before the New year debts will be repaid”.

The exact amount of debt, according to Burkova, knows only the party leader Sergei Mironov. Sunday night he was unavailable for comment. His press Secretary Vladimir Avdeev did not answer the calls , and the employee of the press service of the faction said that “Mironov will be able to comment on the issue only on Monday”.

A large-scale project

Centers of human rights protection was created in early 2016 and is regarded by experts as pre-project. At the head of the party stated on the work Centers in 75 regions of the country, but most of them stopped work after the election in September. Part of the office really do not work and have been combined with regional structures of the party, confirmed Shein. According to him, the reduction occurred where job offices and job Centres are duplicated.

According to Petrov, the Centers were engaged in consultation of the Russians to protect their rights, primarily for housing. “This is, in fact, was the most ambitious project of its kind. In our Centers really came grandmother that, say, could not understand why they have so increased the rent, and our lawyers helped them out, helped with the documents. On Kamchatka to our Department the queue”, — he said.

“This is not election technology, because the slogan: “In a difficult time with you” is the essence of our activities” — said Sergei Mironov.