Gref spoke about the end of the era of traditional banking

The rapid development of high technologies in the coming years will result in “enormous changes” in the banking sector, Gref said at the annual meeting of employees of the Bank “Open dialogue”, dedicated to the end of the year, reports . According to the head of Sberbank, in the next five years, banks has changed more than over the last 50 years.

“Creators of technology is a universal trend. [Traditional] banks have no future. If we be proud that we are a traditional Bank, it’s going to be sad times,” — said Gref. According to the head of the savings Bank, every day IT “eats up one of the branches”

Gref called traditional banking is “risky and uncomfortable”. “I don’t want to go to the banks to spend your time standing in queues. I want him to come to me here, and helped me in a time in which the help I need. And even better to have it before I saw the issue, predicted it and gave the advice,” — he explained his requirements to the Bank.

As said Gref, Sberbank in the coming years it intends to transform from a traditional Bank into a “diverse ecosystem”, which will go far beyond banking services. “Everyone knows that the one who will be the first [to create ecosystems], eat a piece of cake others. All major companies dream about, to move in this direction,” he said, citing the example of Chinese ecosystem Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.

The technological platform must be built ecosystem of Sberbank, said Gref, needs to be completed by the end of 2018. Part of new services of the savings Bank on the basis of this platform will start in 2017. Thus it should be created within the company itself. This platform, as noted by the head of Sberbank, you must meet several criteria: it must be built on open-source tools to provide a cloud solution and provide an analysis of information in real time.

Gref also said that the ecosystem provides the ability to create technology and provide services far beyond the banking sector. Development, construction, health, lifestyle, Telecom, e-Commerce, B2B-services industry, which, according to him, Sberbank intends to focus in the future.