Netanyahu spoke about the agreement with Putin on Syria

Israel coordinated its actions with Russia in the military situation in Syria in order to avoid possible conflicts. In an interview with U.S. television channel CBS said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In particular, the interlocutor of TV channel has told about negotiations on this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We coordinated between our armed forces, because nobody wants random collision of Israel with Russia”, — he said.

He personally promised Putin not to interfere in the Syrian conflict, but noted that it will not allow Iran to attack the country via Syria.

Speaking about relations with Russia, Netanyahu said that they are of friendly nature. The Israeli Prime Minister spoke about the meeting with Putin after the Russian leader to send military forces to Syria. Netanyahu noted that drew the attention of Putin that Israel will not invade Syria. “But at the same time, if Syria itself would attack the us if Iran tries to use the conflict in Syria for attacks on Israel, we will stop them”, — said the Prime Minister, assuring that he would like such a development, with which, according to Netanyahu, the Russian President agreed.

Answering the remark of the leader about the fact that Israel is “inclined to anti-American bloc” and builds friendly relations with Russia and China, the Israeli Prime Minister said that it was a “false impression.” He assured that the US remains Israel’s “indispensable ally.”

“You [the U.S.] there are relations with Russia and you have relations with China. We can maintain relations, economic, trade, with other countries in the same way as you”, — concluded the Prime Minister. According to him, the Israeli government has been developing several new alliances, including with countries with whose policies do not agree USA.

The Syrian government said earlier that Israeli aircraft struck blows to the West of Damascus. According to the military, firing was conducted from Lebanese airspace. During the attack no one was hurt. Israel has not commented on these reports.

At the end of November, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to provide assistance in extinguishing forest fires that swept the country. After that, the Russian leader ordered to send to Israel a few planes of the emergencies Ministry.

On 27 November, the Russian Agency reported carried out the rescue operation. As noted in the MOE, Russian amphibious aircraft be-200 to help stop the spread of forest fires in the area of the Israeli city of Haifa.