Payment system “Mir” will launch a pilot loyalty program

In December of this year will launch a pilot loyalty program payment system “World”, told “Vedomosti” CEO of a National system of payment cards (nspc) Vladimir Komlev. According to him, to participate in it will be a few dozen commercial enterprises. At full strength the program next year.

According to Komleva, the percentage of the cashback will be to the card holder, but part of the money will be banks, who will earn a loyalty program, instead of spending 1.5% of the commissions we get from every transaction. Cashback, said the General Director of NBTS, will be paid to the client from the funds of the merchants and NPCs will share a portion of these funds with the banks, which will earn additional 0,25–0,5% of the amount of transactions conducted by the loyalty program.

For merchants, in turn, benefit will be the opportunity to speak to “an audience of millions of payment system” and to attract new customers by giving them a discount, said Komlev. The NBTS will be to make your own arrangements with trading companies, it will interbank the program, however, each Bank can promote it on your behalf. The list of outlets cooperates with “World” NPCs did not disclose.

As specify “sheets”, at present, Russian banks issued over 1.5 million cards “the World”.

All respondents “statements,” the banks said they would consider participation in the program. Representatives of Sberbank, Visa and Mastercard declined to comment.

According to the head of Department of electronic Commerce of alpha Bank Igor Arefyev, the loyalty program of the “World” will change the market. Npsk offers banks a finished product, while the banks negotiate with trade and service enterprises on their own, he says. Currently, issuing banks spend almost 100% of received interchange Commission on each transaction, which the Bank has a retail outlet pays the Bank that issued the card, for payments, loyalty programs, and they earn not interchange and batch service and free of residues, that hold on their accounts.

How “World” can be beneficial, while early to speak, since the issuance of the cards began only in the current year, the Vice-President of VTB 24 Alexey Kirichek.