The Chinese foreign Ministry has urged trump to follow the policy of “one China”

The representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Geng Shuang said Monday that the policy of “one China” is the basis of the relations of China and the United States, and urged the new US administration is serious about this issue, reports Assosiated Press.

Geng Shuang said that the principle of “one China,” under which the US recognizes Beijing as the representative of China and refrains from unofficial relations with Taiwan is a “political basis” of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, and that the neglect of them may call into question the relationship between the two countries.

“We urge the new leader of the United States and the government of the country to understand the seriousness of the problem of Taiwan and to continue to follow the policy of “one China,” the statement quoted Geng Shuang Agency.

These statements of the official representative of the foreign Ministry comes amid growing discontent with China’s statements elected President of the USA of Donald trump on U.S. policy towards China.

Yesterday in an interview with Fox News recognized the US President said that “fully understand” the policy of “one China”, but “understands” why the United States should be bound by it until it reached with China “agreements relating to other things, including trade.” Trump also commented on the reaction of Beijing to the call of the head of Taiwan Cai Inven, saying that he wants China dictated him to take the call from the Taiwanese leader or not. “Why would any other nation can tell me to take the call or not?” — said trump.

Earlier, on December 3, had a telephone conversation with the President elect of the United States Chapter of Taiwan Cai Invent, which, as he wrote in his Twitter Donald trump, called to congratulate him on his election victory. According to the office of the leader of Taiwan, the conversation also took part the head of the national security Council of Taiwan, Joseph Wu and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Taiwan David Lee. After this conversation, China has made a diplomatic protest with the United States. According to White house spokesman Josh Ernest, after this call, officials from the National security Council had conferred twice with the Chinese colleagues, to “confirm the continued commitment of the U.S. to the long-term political course of China.”

Trump’s statements regarding the “one China policy” and his talks with Cai Inven led to the emergence of a number of critical articles in the state newspaper of China The Global Times. For example, the edition published an editorial on 12 December, which States that “the policy of one China” is not a bargaining chip in relations with the United States. The newspaper reminds that the United States complied with this principle in their policy since the days of Richard Nixon. The Global Times writes that trump needs to learn to “modestly” to handle foreign Affairs, especially in regard to Sino-us relations, otherwise the two countries have lost the “reason” for the partnership.

“If trump will abandon its policy of one China, publicly support the independence of Taiwan and willing to sell weapons to Taiwan, China would not have any grounds for partnership with Washington in international Affairs… In response to the provocations of trump Beijing can offer support and even military assistance to the enemies of the United States,” writes The Global Times.

According to the authors of the editorial article, “inexperience” trump in foreign Affairs makes him vulnerable to the influence of aggressive in relation to PRC councillors elected President.

In another article, The Global Times quoted Lee Haidong, Professor of Chinese foreign Affairs University (China Foreign Affairs University), who said that China must “point” to the elected President how serious the problem, and to provide to elected President the pressure.

“Trump is a novice in matters of diplomatic and international relations… He didn’t understand that the Taiwan issue is not a subject of bargaining with China,” said Lee Haidong. According to the Professor, these ideas may not come from the tramp, and from his closest advisors, so the task of China — to prevent conservative forces to manipulate elected President.