The media showed the work of Russian special operations forces in Syria

“Russia 1” showed the work of Russian special operations forces (SSO) in Syria. A report about them published on the website of the TV channel.

The aim of Russian troops — militants radicals, said the report. SSO carried out the operation to eliminate the leaders of the militants and suicide bombers, specifies the coordinates for airstrikes. “Snipers for days observing the enemy positions and identify the commanders on the typical signs,” — said, in particular, the Colonel of special forces.

Also in the report it is told that in order to “get to a place where losses are dealt with”, send the robots.

“Some points of control fighters break right in the middle of the desert. Tent, and under it — the catacombs. In such cases our night vision devices and laser sights. And it is only then that you can call. Full equipment — a military secret,” reads the report.

Colonel of special forces also stressed that the CCO has “technical superiority”. “Used thermal imaging systems. The enemy is blind and does not see”, — he said.

Before heading out on a combat mission, and gunners, and observers, and snipers, and soldiers spetszadach are trained in Syria and at secret bases in Russia. Of all the units reported personally to the Minister of defence, said the report.

Also, according to “Russia 1”, the MTR in November last year looking for a Navigator shot down by a Russian su-24 major Konstantin Muratina. “We were involved at the end of the search. He was on bipositional the space between the units of the Syrian army and militants. The militants also carried out an active search,” said the Colonel.

That individual tasks are performed by the Russian soldiers on the ground in Syria, said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in March this year, General Alexander Dvornikov, who then commanded the group in Syria. “I will not hide that in Syria there are divisions of our special operation forces”, — he said, noting that the military carried out additional reconnaissance of targets for air strikes, were engaged in restoring aircraft at targets in remote areas and decided the “other special tasks”.