The MICEX index for the first time in history exceeded 2200 points

One of the main indices of the Moscow exchange ruble, the MICEX index has updated the historical maximum, for the first time the existence of rising above 2200 points. In the course of trading on 8 December 2016, the value of the index reached 2207,02 points, which is approximately 2.15% above the closing level of the previous trading session.

The previous “round” the mark of 2100 points, the MICEX index overcame 24 November 2016.

“Given the good external background and positive associated with the privatization of “Rosneft”, at the end of the day is expected to grow by MICEX in the range of 1-2%,” — said the analyst of “Finam” Timur Nigmatullin.

The most important driver of growth of the MICEX index in the course of trading on 8 December were shares of “Rosneft”, the price of which reached a new historical maximum in 380,95 RUB over the piece, which is 6.93% higher than the closing level on 7 December. In the course of trading on Thursday, the capitalization of “Rosneft” has exceeded 4 trillion rubles., bolstering its status as the most expensive companies of Russia.

The jump in the cost of shares of “Rosneft” occurred after the results of the privatization transactions in which a consortium of Glencore and the Qatari investment Fund Qatar Investment Authority became the owner of 19.5% of its shares.

“Selling package of 19.5% of Rosneft shares to a consortium of Glencore and Sovereign wealth Fund of Qatar will change the perception of Russian assets. It is possible that plans for privatization in 2017, will again be revived,” — said on the morning of 8 December analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov, suggesting that now the Russian market may try to update the historical maximum.

More than 5% rose during trading on December 8 preference shares “Transneft” and the shares of Sberbank and “Russian grids”.

Dollar-denominated RTS index in the course of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Thursday is also growing. At the peak of his value reached 1097,39 item, which is the highest since the end of October 2014.

The growth of quotations in the Russian stock market amid a slight increase in world oil prices. At maximum, the price of Brent on the ICE exchange reached Thursday at $53,96, which is 1.8% above the closing level on 7 December.

By 18:50 Moscow time the cost of a barrel of Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange was $53,88, the value of the MICEX index reached 2205,07 points, RTS — 1096,47 points. The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange by this time made up of 63.32 Euro — 67,25 RUB.

The MICEX index began on 22 September 1997 with 100 points. Historical minimum value of the MICEX index was recorded on 5 October 1998 (18,53). The MICEX index is based on 50 shares of Russian companies representing the key sectors of the economy, including Gazprom, LUKOIL, Sberbank, NOVATEK, Rosneft, Uralkali, MegaFon and so on.