The second “Crimean saboteur” has complained to the investigative Committee on torture

Arrested in the case of “Crimean saboteurs” Andrew Sahta complained to the Investigative Committee on torture by FSB officers who arrested him. Sahta requires to check the actions of intelligence officers and bring them to justice, according to “the Media”.

August 10, the FSB said that the police prevented a terrorist act in the Crimea, which was prepared by the special forces of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On the night of 8 August, the saboteurs tried to break into the Crimea, while they were covered by “massive fire from the outside and neighboring States, and armored vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine”. Later it became known that the FSB detained the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area employees of the main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Yevgeniy Panov and the inhabitant of the Crimea Andrey Sahaja.

In the statement, which gave the lawyer Ilnur Sharapov, Sahta notes that in July 2016, he bought a car to engage in private taxi driver in the Crimea. 6 Aug Sahta call customer arrived in the village of Suvorovo KRASNOPEREKOPS’kyi district, where his car drove a military truck, which left the armed FSB officers. Together with field investigators he received a call from a customer who asked to meet them at the cemetery in the village of Rice. Sahta when investigators arrived at the scene, the shooting began, which resulted in “one of the FSB officers was killed, another wounded, and the gunman disappeared.”

8 Aug Sahta was arrested, and then with a bag on his head brought to an unknown building where he started torturing, demanding to confess that he was a member of the group which prepared acts of sabotage on the territory of Crimea.

“Tortured him for two days, while periodically beating. His feet and hands bound with tape and his hands bound in front, behind, while his hands were handcuffed. At his feet was attached the terminals and electrified. Since he refused a guilty plea to the crime, later terminals began to cling to the buttocks and genitals, pain Sahta several times lost consciousness. During the torture Tahta from the pain and shocks twitched strongly, causing on his wrists formed bleeding wounds,” — said in a statement.

December 8 the six-day torture complained Evgeny Panov. “Beaten by an iron pipe in the head, back, kidneys, hands, feet, tightened the handcuffs back to numbness of the hands, hung by handcuffs: bent my legs at the knees, buttoned cuffs, front just below the knee and put under the knees with an iron rod, after which the two men, holding with both sides, had raised the stick and me that I was in so much pain”, — noted in his statement to the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin.

On 10 November, the FSB said about the detention in the Sevastopol members of another group from Ukraine. According to intelligence agencies, members of the squad were preparing sabotage of military facilities in Crimea. On the same day, three suspects were arrested by the Lenin court of Sevastopol.