The suburbs will prohibit suburban construction on the half million acres of land

The government of Moscow region has made the list of the most valuable agricultural land. These lands cannot be used for other purposes, including for suburban development. The list includes more than 11 thousand land plots with a total area of almost 530 hectares and Is approximately 30% of all agricultural lands of the region, explained in the regional the regional the Ministry of agriculture and food.

The draft list included the lands that are in state and municipal ownership and owned by individuals and legal entities — agricultural enterprises. “In these areas is prohibited not only a suburban construction, but also any other activities not related to agricultural production. Exception in case of emergency is the construction of linear objects [lines, pipelines, roads] and the inclusion of plots in borders of settlements”, — stated in the written reply of the Ministry. Now these lands are no buildings there.

In the suburbs this list is made up for the first time. Similar documents are in 12 regions of Russia. The list is scheduled to take until the end of 2016. Now the document is in final coordination in the Executive branch, most of them have already given a positive opinion, according to the Ministry.

In the explanatory note to the draft decree States that the list includes land research organisations, universities and testing stations as well as areas whose cadastral value at least 10% higher than the average in the area. Some land was offered by local authorities, some areas included in the list, as they “visually have all signs referring to agriculture”.

As follows from the text of the list, the largest number of especially valuable sites are located in Volokolamsk (1494), Mozhaisk (880) and Ramensky (825) areas. Less — in Balashikha and Khimki (three). The biggest area is 104.5 thousand hectares — is located in the Lotoshinsky district. The total cadastral value of land amounted to 52.9 billion rubles.

Director, Center for agrofood policy, Ranepa by Natalia shagaida believes that the identification of the most valuable agricultural land is one of the tools to protect land from development. “In the US there are certain criteria such as the quality of the soil. The land code gives the opportunity to highlight the particularly valuable agricultural land as land, the cadastral value of which significantly exceeds the average level of municipal area, but this non — transparent criteria,” shagaida said.

The CEO of the company “Edevelopment” Maxim Leshchev considers that the identification of the most valuable agricultural land will reduce the market of cottage construction in the suburbs. “At the same time in the Volokolamsk and Mozhaisk district and so mostly cultivated. The biggest danger for the market of cottages — the prohibition to build in areas located closer to Moscow”, — said Leshchev.

In March this year a government Committee has recommended for allocation for residential development of land Timiryazev agricultural Academy in the North of Moscow. It was about two plots with an area of 101 hectares, which accounted for a fifth of all estates of the University. Officials claimed that the land is used inefficiently. Teachers and students of the Academy actively opposed the transfer. In April, President Vladimir Putin said that “the Timiryazevka should be left alone.”