The WSJ learned about the dissatisfaction with the CIA’s position trump of Russia’s influence on elections

Representatives of the CIA are not happy with the position of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump on possible Russia’s influence in elections. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing a source in US intelligence.

Yesterday in an interview with Fox News President-elect said he did not believe in the statements about Moscow’s intervention in the election. He said the position of intelligence “attempt to justify”.

“A concern that intelligence related to the American elections are perceived as false and politically motivated”, — reads the statement of the official of the CIA, which results in the publication.

The report also stated that the disregard of intelligence data casts doubt on her work and is contrary to the “values of national security of the country.”

The newspaper says that the findings of more intelligence based on the analysis in comparison with the evidentiary standards that generally apply to the FBI. People familiar with the investigation into the hacking attacks, explain that there is “serious circumstantial evidence that the Russian government is responsible [for the attack], but it would be difficult to prove it in court.” Law enforcement officials also said that the FBI doesn’t want to publicly accuse Russia of meddling in elections as the Agency tries to work with Russian colleagues on some cases, including cyber crimes.

On Saturday, December 10, The Washington Post reported that the authors of the CIA report established the involvement of Russian government people to transfer documents Demokraticheskoy party to the Wikileaks website. We are talking about repeated publication of data of the headquarters of the US Democratic party and the election headquarters of former presidential candidate country, Hillary Clinton that appeared during the summer before the election.

Intelligence agencies have presented a report to the members of the U.S. Senate. However, they stressed that there is no evidence that the Kremlin was in charge of the impact on the presidential election. The people who transmit data, according to the CIA, were intermediaries, “step away from the government”.