Trump criticized the U.S. position toward China

The States are not required to follow the policy of “one China”, according to which Washington is Taiwan’s relationship recognizes Beijing as the representative, and shall refrain from unofficial relations with the island nation separated from China in 1949. This was stated by Donald trump in an interview with Fox News channel, reports Reuters. Thus the newly elected American President “questioned nearly 40 years, politicians” of Washington against Beijing, the Agency said.

“I fully understand the policy of “one China”, but I don’t see why we should be bound by the policy of “one China”, as long as we have not reached agreement with China concerning other things, including trade,” — said trump.

Commenting on his telephone conversation with the head of the Taiwan Cai Invent, trump noted that it is not for China to decide if he should accept a call from the Taiwanese leader. “I don’t want China dictating to me, and that call was offered to me. It was a very pleasant call. Short. And why should any other nation can tell me to take the call or not?” — said the newly elected American President.

He also criticized China for its currency policy actions in the South China sea and the position on North Korea.

Telephone conversation trump and Cai Invent took place on 3 December. As noted then, the Associated Press, this conversation is “extremely unusual” or “unprecedented”: since 1979, Washington has pursued a policy of “one China” policy, whereby the United States recognized Beijing as the representative of China and refrains from informal ties with Taiwan. AP called Taiwan’s status “one of the most sensitive issues in relations between the US and China.”

China after the trump conversation with the leader of Taiwan expressed diplomatic protest. “The principle of “one China” is the political Foundation of relations between China and the USA”, — stressed Beijing.

As reported, on 3 December, a senior source in the administration of current President Barack Obama, the White house found out about the conversation trump and Cai of Invest after it took place. Two days after the conversation, the US Secretary of state John Kerry has expressed the opinion that Trump would have cost at least to obtain advice from employees of the state Department before to carry on conversations with foreign leaders.

As described on 6 December, the press Secretary of White house Josh Ernest, Washington has tried to reassure Beijing after a conversation with trump Cai Inven. According to him, officials from the National security Council had conferred twice with the Chinese colleagues, to “confirm the continued commitment of the U.S. to the long-term political course of China.” Ernest said that this political course for 40 years and is focused on maintaining peace and stability in the Strait that separates China and Taiwan, the Agency added.

Trump, in turn, in response to criticism of his decision to talk with the leader of Taiwan on December 5 criticized the policy of China. “If we asked China whether it was okay to devalue its currency to make our companies harder to compete, to impose a heavy tax on our goods going into their country (United States don’t levy taxes on Chinese goods), or to build massive military bases in the middle of the South China sea? I don’t think so!” — trump wrote in his Twitter.