A subsidiary of the Rostec will create in Syria e-government

“Rosinformresurs” (a subsidiary of Rostec) and the Syrian Agency for communications has signed a contract for the development of basic infrastructure for electronic interaction, said the Russian export centre (REC), which acted as the consultant of the transaction. This was reported on the website of the Russian export centre (REC), who acted as the consultant for structuring the contract and contractual risks

The contract last week, signed in the Ministry of communications with the participation of Nikolay Nikiforov and Minister of communications and technology of Syria, Ali al-Zafira. This document implies the establishment of the Syrian e-government.

“Technology is the basic infrastructure of electronic communication applicable in many areas and will serve as a Foundation for the development of Russian exports to other high-tech segments of the economy Syria, for example, e-Commerce,” are available on the website of the words of the General Director of REC Peter Fradkov.

The transaction value was not disclosed. “Interfax” with reference to sources reported that the price of the contract is $4.5 million funding for the project was officially confirmed by the Central Bank of Syria,

“According to the contract in the first year, the Russian party shall: supply of equipment for the deployment of PKI and electronic signatures to public authorities of Syria; the development and deployment of the software infrastructure of open keys of electronic signatures to public authorities of Syria; training of local specialists; launching the system into operation. In the second and third year, the Russian party shall support the functioning of the system”, — said the representative of the press service of the REC.

In “assistance” declined to comment.