Bank of the top 50 have imposed restrictions on the issuance of deposits

Tatfondbank, one of the top 50 Russian banks by assets, last week imposed restrictions on operations by issuing deposits to natural persons. “At the moment there are restrictions on the issuance of money. You need to arrange funds in the Department in advance if the sum exceeds 50 thousand rubles”, — said the expert of call-center Bank.

According to him, restrictions were imposed due to the fact that “there was a certain excitement among the customers for withdrawals”. “This happened not more than a week ago. On the website there was no information. This is the internal regulations, so the information on the website is not recorded,” — said the expert of call-center.

They also introduced a limit on cash withdrawal in ATMs of Tatfondbank — 15 thousand rubles a day, said the representative of the Bank.

In a press-Bank service have confirmed the information about the restriction on early withdrawal of deposits. “In case of early withdrawal of contribution in cash is possible at the same time to get 50 thousand rubles For early withdrawal in excess of this amount is required to leave a preliminary application in the amount of 150 thousand rubles for one day, for the amount of 300 thousand rubles — for two days, up to 1 million in five days. Early closure of the Deposit in excess of 1 million rubles is carried out upon request submitted more than five days,” — said the representative of the Bank. Later on the Bank’s website has information that at the meeting of the Board of Directors December 13, 2016 will be discussed measures on financial rehabilitation of credit organizations.

Last week the Central Bank Committee on banking supervision would consider the financial recovery plan of Tatfondbank, according to “Kommersant”. According to sources, the Bank had approximately RUB 80 billion it was assumed that the “hole is” closed partially due to the credit of the Central Bank, and partly due to the conversion into capital of funds of the largest creditors of the Bank (bail-in).

According to the Bank, the Ministry of land and property relations of the Republic of Tatarstan belongs 10,088 Bank%, 8,7% — in Tatarstan. Large shares also have “New petrochemicals” (20,2%), JSC “Tatspirtprom” (17,3%).

According to sources , last week was considered, according to which the Central Bank allocates no more than 50% is required to support the Bank’s funds, if the authorities of the Republic will support about the same size. However, the position of the Republic of Tatarstan on the issue is still not brought to the Bank, interlocutors of the edition speak.

The press service of the government of the Republic of Tatarstan at the moment, the request is not answered. The Ministry of land and property relations of Tatarstan reported that the information on this issue is missing.

The amount posted in Tatfondbank savings of 1 November exceeded 76 billion rubles , a Source close to the Bank said that in just a week due to high demand for withdrawals by private individuals, the Bank issued about 3 billion rubles.

According to the head of group Finance ACRES Kirill Lukashuk, a high proportion of individuals in the Bank’s liabilities makes its liquidity position is quite vulnerable. “As of early November, the Bank had an extremely low share of highly liquid assets of about 6 billion rubles, or about 3% of total liabilities,” he says.

According to the Bank reporting under IFRS, the funds of individuals and legal entities account for about 70% of the total passive base of Bank. “Of these, 76% are retail customers, are most susceptible to panic outflows,” says senior Vice President at Moody’s Maria Malyukova. According to her, about 22% of customer deposits accounted for the largest 20 depositors. “Recently we have seen volatility that is corporate deposits. Part of the problem with liquidity, heightened Tatfondbank recently, was associated with the withdrawal of one of the major investors”, — the expert believes.

According to Malyukova has, the situation Tatfondbank has a negative impact on the banking market as a whole. “If not provided with timely financial support, the greatest impact the situation will have on banks in the region, there is the possibility of cross-flow deposits of Tatfondbank in the more stable banks of the Republic,” she said. “However, since the largest Bank of the Republic — “AK bars” — is also under the influence of companies linked to the government of the Republic, it can be assumed that investors prefer more reliable large Federal banks,” she said.