Fancy Bears published documents about the collusion of the US and Canada against the IOC

Before the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro anti-doping Agency of the USA (USADA) and the Canadian centre for ethics in sport (CCES) launched a project whose purpose was the removal of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from decision-making. It is reported by the hacker group Fancy Bears.

In one of the hackers published the emails, which presumably is part of the correspondence management USADA is proposed to create an Agency that will have authority over the IOC, and to conclude the contract on the purity of the sport, according to which countries abandon the Games as long as the IOC does not agree to amend its Charter some changes, according to the provisions of the instrument.

From another document, that legal aid is a related project, dubbed “the Olympian” (Olympian Project), was provided by Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, the cost of which amounted to $ 70 thousand

According to the hackers, lawyers helped USADA and CCES to make the judicial claim to the IOC. In this case, the support project of the United States and Canada appealed to the anti-doping agencies in Poland, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Austria and Finland. “What if IOC will not be suspended Russian athletes from participation in the games in Rio?” — entitled one of the hackers published the emails. However, the Agency refused to be involved in the conspiracy, and in the end, all costs for legal services went to USADA and CCES indicate the hackers.

In the message it is noted Fancy Bears, despite the fact that the trial against the IOC was not started, the project “Olympian” still continues to exist.

Fancy Bears previously published documents from the database WADA, who testified that the Agency has allowed a number of famous athletes to use prohibited substances.