In macrosuede the United States refused to support the prosecution of CIA against Russia

The office of the Director of national intelligence (ODNI) James Clapper did not support the position of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) about the fact that Russia has intervened in the US presidential election to influence the outcome. About it reports Reuters, citing three unnamed us officials.

Interlocutors stressed that ODNI has not contested the results of the investigations of the CIA about Russian hacking operations, but does not support the Agency because of the lack of convincing evidence that Moscow influenced the winning trump in the last election.

“ODNI argues that the Agency [CIA] is wrong, but only what they can’t prove their intentions,” said one of the sources.

The representative of the ODNI declined to comment, Reuters notes.

The news Agency also reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) for the same reason refused to endorse the conclusions of the CIA.

Last week The Washington Post reported that the CIA had established the involvement of people allegedly associated with the Russian government to transfer the documents of the US Democratic party to the Wikileaks website. According to the author of the report, this was done with the aim to support the candidacy of Donald trump and denigrate his opponent candidate from the Democrats Hillary Clinton.

Trump, commenting on these statements, said he did not believe the intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. He called such accusations “an attempt to justify”.