Khodorkovsky will prepare 400 candidates for the municipal elections in Moscow

Training of candidates in the municipal deputies will be engaged in the educational center of the “Open elections”, which opened on 12 December. This was stated by one of the teachers of the project, the political analyst Vitaly Shushkevich and confirmed Executive Director of the movement Timur Valeev. Candidates will learn “the techniques of effective public campaigns, the basics of the Moscow law, the right of petition, public speeches”. According to Shushkevich, the candidate should share the values of the “Open Russia”: to advocate for an independent judiciary, a competitive economy and the turnover of power in free elections.

To bring before the voting day 100 candidates from the school of “Open Russia”, according to the statistics you need to train at least 400 people, estimated Valeev. “Open Russia” is ready to provide “indirect support” to candidates for municipal elections in Moscow, he said. According to Valeev, the request for such support is of candidates from the ruling party, “Fair Russia” and the Communist party. “We’re not going to advertise the support of his party, and in return we need support in overcoming the municipal filter in the mayoral election in Moscow in 2018”, — said the Executive Director of “Open Russia”.

Khodorkovsky will not Fund the election campaign of candidates to avoid unnecessary pressure on the candidates from the authorities, said Shushkevich. The main costs will go to paying for school teachers is $6-7 thousand per month, said Valeev.

Teach about a dozen experts, including current municipal MPs and strategists with experience of election campaigns in Moscow. Municipal Deputy district of zyuzino Konstantin Jankauskas, who took fourth place in single-mandate district in Moscow Duma elections (14 thousand votes, was nominated by the party PARNAS), will read the courses “Local self-government: powers and reality” and “Structure campaigns for the protection of public interests.” Shushkevich — “Planning the election campaign”.

In the September elections, candidates that ran in the state Duma with the support of “Open Russia”, scored an average of 3-5 times more than the nominating party PARNAS, said Shushkevich. On state Duma elections, the party won less than 1% of the vote and not in Parliament.

Elections of deputies of the Moscow district councils to be held in September 2017. Sources reported about a possible scenario for the postponement of elections of the mayor of Moscow in the nearest spring, which would catch the opposition by surprise. Valeev said that according to his information, the municipality has set a target for all municipalities opposition deputies in district councils. Press Secretary of the mayor of Moscow Gulnara Penkova was not available for expeditious review.

“Our task is to cooperate with all forces who are now working in Moscow and are opposition candidates to conduct independent deputies in district councils”, — said the Manager of “Open Russia” .

School of Khodorkovsky is ready to cooperate with the graduates of the “school of municipal Deputy” of the Communist party, party school of the Moscow “Yabloko” and “School of local self-government,” Yulia Galiamina. “We will try to negotiate, try to build coalitions and teams, or to dissolve the district,” — said Shushkevich.

For the election of the mayor

The main objective of the project is to gain municipal deputies for the nomination of candidates on elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2018, said the school teacher Jankauskas. To participate in elections, the candidate in mayors it is necessary 110 signatures of municipal deputies. Jankauskas said that it was important for the opposition to conduct in Moscow a parallel campaign, which will simultaneously give the votes to a single candidate, and the General mayoral candidate. Previously reported on the launch of the project Khodorkovsky for the selection of the presidential candidate whom he will support in the elections of 2018 (“Instead of Putin”).

Khodorkovsky tends to various educational projects, but they lack the overall “goal setting”, said political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. According to him, the results of the projects ex-head of Yukos “weakly measurable”. However, he said, in Moscow there is a potential for the passage of the district councils of opposition candidates, as the municipal agenda “unmatched power”. “However, much will depend on the degree of voter apathy, will they be something to expect from the election of such a decorative institution Moscow municipal deputies”, — said the analyst.