Tatfondbank announced the suspension of customer service

Settlement and cash services of Tatfondbank will be suspended from 14 to 17 December 2016 for the development and implementation of measures to restore liquidity, according to the website of the Bank.

“From December 7, the Bank began to experience difficulties with liquidity due to the increased demand for early closure of deposits on the background of the publications in the media about the possible reorganization and panic in social networks”, — stated in the message.

Tatfondbank clarifies that his leadership, together with the Chairman of the Board Robert Musin conducting consultations with the government of Tatarstan. The plan of measures to restore the financial stability of the Bank is directed also to the Bank of Russia. “Tatfondbank is doing everything possible to promptly stabilize the situation”, — assured in the Bank.

Earlier, on December 12, it was reported that the Bank has imposed restrictions on operations by issuing deposits to natural persons. In call center Bank said that the departments need to pre-book funds, if the amount exceeds 50 thousand rubles In ATMs of Tatfondbank limit on cash withdrawals amounted to 15 thousand rubles a day.

Last week, the “Kommersant” with reference to sources wrote that the Committee of the Central Bank on banking supervision should consider the plan of financial rehabilitation of the Bank. According to interlocutors of the edition, the Bank needs about 80 billion rubles. it was assumed that the “hole” will be closed in part by a loan of the Central Bank, and partly due to the conversion into capital of funds of the largest creditors of the Bank (bail-in).

Sources reported that the Central Bank considered a variant in which the regulator allocates no more than 50% is required to support the Bank’s funds, if the authorities of the Republic will support about the same size. Close to the Bank source also reported that for the week increased demand for funds withdrawal the Bank issued to individuals about 3 billion rubles.