The media learned about the dismissal of 12 of the military in Chechnya for refusing to go to Syria

In Chechnya, was dismissed from service 12 military units of the defense Ministry, stationed at the military base Khankala near Grozny, for refusing to go to Syria. It is reported by the “Caucasian knot” with reference to sources.

According to the publication, all fired military are local residents. Information about the dismissed military personnel was obtained from the relative source who served at the military base in Khankala.

“Only “refuseniks” had 12 people. All of them retired from military service. Contract terminated early”, — said the interlocutor of the edition, adding that people wishing to go to Syria was much more than those who didn’t want to go there.

The source also said that a mission to Syria “promised an increased allowance and other benefits”.

Information about the fired military edition was confirmed by a second source. According to him, in the consolidated battalion of those who are flying to Syria, are not only Chechens, but also Dagestanis, Russians, and other nationalities. He also said that the military base was visited by the representatives of the leadership of the Republic and the mufti Salah Mezhiev, who addressed the soldiers and expressed the importance of their mission for the Islamic world.

Earlier plans to send special forces battalions “West” and “East”, stationed in Chechnya, wrote the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing sources in the defense Ministry. The source claimed that the soldiers received red berets and shoulder marks of the military police.

Information about sending commandos to Syria has denied the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

6 Dec in the Internet appeared the video about sending the military to Syria. In the military enlistment office of Chechnya on Tuesday reported that upon placement of online video launched an investigation into the disclosure of this information. Sending the military has suspended, reports the “Caucasian knot”. According to “Rosbalt” was prosecuted.