The tramp pushed the head of ExxonMobil for the post of U.S. Secretary of state

The US President-elect Donald trump was elected Secretary of state to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson, Bloomberg reports, citing an official statement transition team trump.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Rex Tillerson is the main contender for the post of U.S. Secretary of state. According to the newspaper, among all applicants for this post Tillerson of “the closest connection” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to CNN, Tillerson during his conversation with Donald trump has agreed to accept appointment as Secretary of state.

Businessman with ties to Russia

Tillerson have no experience in diplomatic Affairs, but he is well known as a successful businessman, who heads the largest private oil company in the world.

According in 2016, ExxonMobil ranks first among oil companies in the ranking of the largest public companies in the world by Forbes Global 2000 (and ninth among all companies in the ranking). The capitalization of Exxon Mobil on 13 December 2016 is estimated at $380,17 billion.

His career at Exxon Mobil Tillerson began in 1975 as an engineer technologist. In 1989, he became the General Director of the Central production unit of ExxonMobil in the United States, where he was responsible for oil and gas production in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

In 1998, Tillerson became Vice President of Exxon Ventures, responsible for the development of fields in Russia and the Caspian sea, and the President “daughter” ExxonMobil, “Exxon Neftegaz limited”, the operator of the project “Sakhalin-1” which is realized on the basis of the agreement on production section. In addition to ExxonMobil, shares in it are owned by Japanese Sodeco (30%), and Rosneft and India’s ONGC (20%).

In August 2001, Tillerson was named senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil, and in March 2006 he was elected President of the Corporation and member of the Board of Directors of Exxon Mobile.

Donald trump Tillerson called “world class player” and said that the experience Tillerson at the conclusion of the “huge deals” in Russia is an advantage.

“The big advantage is that he knows many players and he knows them well. He concludes a huge deal in Russia. He concludes a huge deal for the company — not for themselves, for the company,” said trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

Because of the sanctions imposed by the US against Russia, ExxonMobil in September 2014 left the joint with Rosneft projects on the Russian shelf development in the Black sea and in the Arctic, as well as projects in Western Siberia. Their potential losses from exiting joint projects with Rosneft, the us company was estimated at $1 billion To ExxonMobil in the project “Sakhalin-1” the American sanctions are not affected.

ExxonMobil’s revenue for 2015 has fallen by half, to $of 259.5 billion, but the company, unlike BP, are not left at a loss: net profit made up $16.1 billion.

According to Bloomberg, in 2014, Exxon Mobil continued to snap up drilling rights in Russia, despite the sanctions, increasing their land assets in Russia with 11.4 million acres in 2013 to 63.7 million acres in 2014. According to Bloomberg, this significantly exceeds the company’s possession in America. According to the publication, in the United States, ExxonMobil has the rights to develop 14.6 million acres

In June 2013, “for his great contribution to the development and strengthening of cooperation with the Russian Federation” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin personally handed Tillerson the Order of Friendship during the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) in June 2013.

According to The New York Times in a couple of Tillerson because of the absence of his own diplomatic experience as Deputy Secretary of state, in the administration of trump consider the nomination of John Bolton, who was the permanent U.S. representative to the UN in 2005 — 2006.

Acquaintance with Russia

Putin and Tillerson familiar at least since 2005, to the materials of the website of the Kremlin. In September of that year was held in Washington the meeting of the President with leaders of the three largest energy companies in the U.S., which was Rex Tillerson.

Since then, they have met fairly regularly. In August 2011 Putin, Tillerson and Sechin met in Sochi, when it signed a strategic partnership agreement, Exxon and Rosneft. In June 2012 Putin, Sechin and Tillerson met Tuapse, where Rosneft and Exxon signed the documents on joint work on hard-to-recover reserves and working together on the shelf. Tillerson then said that “nothing strengthens relations between the two countries, as economic cooperation companies.”

In June 2013, Putin took Tillerson, along with the heads of energy companies in the SPIEF, then Tillerson was awarded the Order of friendship. The last time they saw each other, according to the official June 2016: Tillerson attended the plenary session of SPIEF, where Putin spoke about the specific bilateral meeting, however, was not reported.

Controversial candidate

Nomination Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state will be considered at the hearing, a bipartisan Commission of the U.S. Senate on foreign relations in early 2017 after the inauguration of the trump. If at least one Senator will vote against him, the candidacy of the Secretary of state will be discussed in the U.S. Senate as long as a simple majority of votes will not be confirmed, rejected, or sent back to the President without any recommendation verdict. If the Senate does not approve Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state, the President will be forced to re-introduce to the Senate their proposals on the candidate for the post of Secretary of state.

US senators is openly declared his intention to vote against Tillerson. However, a number of high-ranking representatives of both parties have allowed yourself to become critical remarks Tillerson.

For example, an influential member of the foreign Affairs Committee, democratic Senator Ben Cardin said in an interview with CNN on Sunday that Tillerson concerned about relations with Russia. “We want to make sure that the Secretary of state is the person that represents America,” he said. Another Committee member, Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote in his Twitter that he hoped that the person in this position, US not necessarily “to be a friend of Vladimir Putin”.

Trump opted for Tillerson after his candidacy was supported by a number of influential politicians of the Republican party, writes Reuters, citing sources in the transitional administration trump. Among them, two former U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice (George Bush’s administration-younger), and James Baker (served as Secretary of state under George H. W. Bush) and former Secretary of defense Robert gates.

Their support is seen as a key factor in overcoming the challenges that might face Tillerson with the passage of the hearings on his nomination in the Senate.

If the candidate Tillerson will be supported by the Senate, he will become the “public face” of the new diplomatic approach, which implies closer cooperation with Russia and concessions from China on trade issues and security issues, notes The Wall Street Journal.

Among those who considered the trump to this post — the former mayor of new York city and one of the closest associates of trump, Rudy Giuliani, US Senator from Tennessee and Chairman of the Senate foreign relations Committee Joe Corker, former CIA Director David Petraeus and former candidate from the Republican party in the 2012 election, MITT Romney.

Ahead of the announcement of the nomination, Romney wrote on his page in Facebook that he believes that “the new administration will strengthen the nation,” and that he had the honour to participate in the selection of candidates for the post of Secretary of state. Even earlier, on 10 December, former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani refused the post of the head of the US state Department, saying that “it would be better to continue to be a close friend and adviser” of trump.