Trump chose as his economic advisers the head of Goldman Sachs

The US President-elect Donald trump announced his intention to appoint the President of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn as its economic adviser and Director of the National economic Council. This is stated in the message on the website transition team trump.

“As my chief economic adviser Gary Con will use his talents as a successful businessman for the benefit of the American people,” said trump. “It will help to develop economic policies that will ensure the growth of salaries to our workers, will stop the leakage of labor abroad and will create many wonderful new opportunities for Americans. He fully understands the economy and will use all their extensive knowledge and experience to convince the American people that he starts to win again,” added the President-elect.

Con, in turn, said that being a member of the team of the elected President it was a great honor. “I share the views of the elected President of trump about the belief that every American citizen has its place in a prosperous economy, and we are fully committed to the nation strength, growth and prosperity,” – are reported words of the head of Goldman Sachs.